Shower after workout/exercise. Yes or No?

May 3, 2020 | Health Tips

Shower after workout/exercise, Yes or No?

“After exercising with all those sweat, you must rest and cool down first before you touch the water!”
“If not you will develop white spots or have rheumatism when you are old!”

How many have of you heard this before?

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Should you wait for your sweat to dry before taking a shower after your workout/exercise. To begin with, let’s understand why our body will sweat after exercise.

The human body is smart, very smart. For example, you will realise that your body hair tends to grow faster in a colder country. It’s because your body reacts to the environment and try to protect you from the cold by growing more or faster hair. Did you realise that?
The same thing goes for sweating. During exercise, our body temperature rises due to the burning effects that take place. By producing water or sweat, it regulates and controls our own body temperature which is great!

So, what happens if you wait out and not shower shortly after your exercise.

The bad.

You start to smell.
Sweat is just water with a bit of salt in it and by nature, that won’t smell. What is creating that cheesy odour is the interaction of sweat with our body natural flora. Leaving it longer by not showering will lead to the next section.

Bacteria build-up
Yes, trying to dry yourself up as much as possible isn’t going to work well. The more you try to dry up, the more water your body will produce. (Remember that your human body is an exceptionally smart “machine”?) Bacteria will start to build up because of the sweat on our skin. It will feed on them especially in our groin, feels or underarm. Yucky but the truth.

Hello Acne.
Everyone’s common enemy. Our sweat can mix with the many different types of bacteria and potentially formed that cute red dot on your face and back.

Germs are everywhere. In the park where you took a rest after your jog, the microorganism in the air, the handles in your gym’s door and of course, that equipment that you have touched. (And you touch your towel and use that towel to wipe your face. Ouch!) So, if you still want to take a long break after the workout, there’s a risk of compromising your body immunity to infections.

You get the point. It’s time to debunk the myth and start showering after your sweaty workout. There’s nothing wrong in doing that and everything wrong if you are not doing that.

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