Why Does Your Pee Turn Yellow After You Eat Supplements?

Jun 26, 2020 | Health Tips

Suddenly you noticed that your pee colour is bright yellow, and you started panicking! It’s natural if you find that your pee colour is yellow, but before panicking think did you ate supplements a while ago? If your answer is yes, then it is quite normal. This is because it’s excess vitamin B that is excreted along with your pee and nothing as such to worry about.

If vitamins are excreted then why eat them?

Now you must be thinking that if vitamin B is excreted along with your pee then what is the use of eating it? Your body does not get any benefit. The fact is not that. You need to understand a few things. Some vitamins like A, D, E and K are fat-soluble while some are water-soluble. The eight Vitamin B are all water-soluble. While the fat-soluble vitamin is stored in your body for further use the water-soluble ones are not. Thus, anything excess that is not required by your body will be excreted while you pee. You need to replenish the water-soluble vitamins every day.

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If your pee is bright yellow in colour then do not worry that your body is not absorbing any goodness. The body has its own way to maintain its function. The yellow colour actually comes from Vitamin B2, riboflavin. It contains flavins that are a naturally occurring yellow pigment.

What is the best time to take supplements?

When you take a supplement you need to do that one at a time so that the supplements are absorbed maximum in the body. For vitamin supplement, the best time is with the meal. This is mainly for the fat-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamin requires fat for getting absorbed in your body and when you eat them with the meal they readily get absorbed. If you take the multivitamin at any time in an empty stomach you may not feel right. Thus, it is best to eat them along with your meal or just after your meal.

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Most physicians suggest that you should eat a balanced diet so that you get different minerals and vitamins required for your body directly from your food. Still, when there is any deficiency you can take supplements. So, if you are taking supplements and find your pee colour bright yellow or neon colour does not worry. It’s your body excreting the excess. However, if the pee colour is yellow without any such reason do visit your physician.

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