The Basic Of Meditation

Jun 29, 2020 | Health Tips

Whether you want to feel less stressed or stay focused on something, Meditation is going to help you. There are many benefits that can be derived when you start meditating. It helps you have a better relationship with those around you, make you more confident and let you lead a life that is easier. However, if you feel that meditation is a solution to your entire problem, then you are wrong.

Meditation helps you face the problems as your mind is composed and you feel less stressed. It helps you how to react to and relate to different issues happening around you. When you start doing mediation the following tips will come useful.

Tough to stay focus

Don’t expect that the day you start meditating you will be focused on a serene mind. Things will be tough at the beginning. You will have different ideas coming to your mind when you start meditating. What you have to do is practice meditation regularly at the same time and same place.

It is necessary that you choose a place in your home that is calm and quiet. Choose some hour of the day when you are not busy and then you can start meditating. Most people prefer to do it in the morning before they jump into their regular schedule. However, it’s not necessary that you too must do that. Choose any time when your mind is free. You need to start with a fresh and free mind, that’s why people prefer the morning period to mediate.

What to wear

When you sit for meditation remember to wear anything in which you feel relaxed. Meditation relaxes your mind and if you do not wear things that will make your body feel free then you cannot concentrate.

Many people are worried about how much time should they dedicate for meditation? It’s totally your call. You may start with 15 to 20 minutes regularly at the beginning and then increase it gradually.

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How to sit

You should be relaxed when you meditate and thus the way you sit should make you feel comfortable. You can sit on the ground or on your couch that does not matter. What matters is that you must feel free within. There is no need that you have to sit under a tree as shown in most images. Wherever you sit make sure you have the right posture. Your back should be straight, the neck must be relaxed and chin should be slightly tucked in. your hands should rest on your knees lightly.

To end the note

While meditating always know why you are doing so. Do you have any goals or you just want to feel relaxed? You may not see the results within a few days as it’s a life long journey. If you practice it regularly you will surely be benefitted from it.


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