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Taking supplements does not guarantee you will be healthy. It’s a combination of a positive mindset, good habits and the right nutrients. Thus, after years of practising what we preach, we created healthwithu to share with the community.

Coming from all walks of life with a common goal to make our lives better, we are a group of people with the same passion.
To improve our health & lifestyles.

Through genuine concern, empathy and passion, we help improve the health and lives of our family and friends. We are passionate about sharing products and lifestyle tips that actually work!

Now, let’s reach out to more people, especially U, get healthy and happy too!

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Have you ever wonder what types of supplements suits your body?

Or what types of exercise is great for your body type and lifestyle?

We did the research and listen to you for the types of contents that you want to read! Each day, our admin goes through the tons of email that you have wrote in to us, asking various health related questions. We do our best and seek professional advice from the experts and generate the articles.

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usana products supplements
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“PL suffered from rheumatoid arthritis when she was 38. She was working in the medical industry and have sought many specialists to help with her condition. After seeing many doctors and spending thousands and thousands of dollars, her condition did not improve. As it is termed as an autoimmune disorder / stress / hormonal changes, there is no known cure and nothing she can do except to manage it.

One day, her friend recommended her to try our supplements, and within months, she started seeing improvements! Initially her fingers were so swollen and could not bend, but slowly, it became less inflamed and she was able to bend them.

PL diligently took her supplements and she has since fully recovered after taking them for 3 years!”

PL, 50


“Chan used to suffer from depression. She was under tremendous stress from work, not having enough rest and kept falling sick. To improve her health, she tried taking other brands of supplements but did not continue as she did not feel any positive effects after taking. Over time, her physical and mental health suffered. Her family urged her to see a psychiatrist but she refused to as she did not want to become dependent on drugs or antidepressants. Her health was so bad that it rendered her unable to work and could only stay home.

One day, while scrolling online, she was reminded of our supplements that she has heard of many years ago and decided to give it a try. After taking for one week, she felt more energetic, finally had the appetite and the mental focus to do simple day to day activities such as doing the laundry, eating, replying family members’ messages, etc. Prior to this, she was in a state of immobile and unconsciousness. She continued taking our products and kept getting better and now, one year later, she got her health and life back!”

Chan, 31


“Kai has always fallen sick easily since young. He usually gets throat inflammation and fever very often, a few times a month. Every time, his fever was always 38-39 degrees and takes almost a week to recover while taking medication.

He knew his immunity is weak and it will worsen as he gets older, so he decided to cultivate the habit of taking supplements. He took our supplements for 2 months and experienced many health improvements such as 1) more alert, less tired; 2) better bowels movement; 3) richer hair growth; 4) skin is no longer flaky; 5) most importantly, he stopped falling sick so often! The frequency of falling sick has improved from a few times a month to now, a few times a year! Even when he does fall sick, the fever was 37-38 degrees and recovered by itself in 1-2 days without medication. Now Kai takes the supplement regularly so that he can function at his best with better immune support!”

Kai, 43


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